Wednesday, 15 October 2014


akhirnya Vixx dah buat comeback dengan single yang terbaru,ERROR.
konsep yang terbaru ni sangat lah daebakkk!!!!
no more vampire....
ala-ala robotic pula!!

Vixx tak pernah mengecewakan zyra...
lagu diaorang semua nye best.
paling penting lirik-lirik lagu Vixx semua nya "ngammmm" dengan zyra!!

siapa yang tak tengok or dengar lagi ERROR,
jemput lah layan di bawah je..
serius lagu nie best and MV pon daebakk!!

English Translation:

I couldn’t help it so I threw it all out
I erased all of my emotions
But I couldn’t erase you (let me free)
Because my heart was too sad (let me breathe)

I just need to live like this, I just need to breathe
I just need to be alive, why can’t I?
I said it’s okay (let me free)
This is better for me (let me breathe) oh

I was afraid that I’d get cut by your sharp, knife-like words
I just need to breathe and eat to endure through this

I was a coward, I wanted to endure through
I’m holding my heart in my hand
I chose a life that is for me

I don’t want to let go of myself
I don’t want to ruin myself anymore
Memories that aren’t ending even when it’s over
I have no confidence to win over it

Love, in the end
Is a lie to just one person
Now look at me forgetting you
With your eyes wide open

Don’t ever forget me
Don’t ever erase me

My heart was limping and this is the end of the road
After making that decision and taking a breath
I let out a deep sigh
I rip her up from inside my heart
As I let out a silent scream
I’m erasing the after images that are floating around
Burning up the remaining memories up to the sky, burn

I saw you again, I cried
Something went terribly wrong
My heart is still remembering (let me free)
Everything was the same (let me breathe)

There’s nowhere to run from you

If I hold onto you, it hurts
But if I let you go, it hurts even more
This place is deeper than a dream inside a dream
I have no confidence to escape from it

Saying that I’ll forget you
Is all a lie that remains in me
Your face spreads throughout my heart again
It hurts even more than before

I think I miss you even more
I think it’s even more dangerous

tak boleh stop dengar lagu nie..
and rasa tak jemu tengok Mv ERROR ...
aishhh handsome je dia orang hahhahaha...
MV nie memang sedih...
especially that lyrics

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