Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Dangerous Love

SALAM readers^^
entry hari ini mengenai telenovela dari filipina,
korang ada tgk tk drama nie dekat tv3??
setiap hari isnin-khamis,jam3 petang.
*adakah aku sedang melakukan aktiviti promote drama nie?haha!

hero-heroin drama Dangerous Love:
Dingdong Dantes sebagai Homer Alcaraz

 Marian Rivera sebagai Proserfina

sekian lama tak mengikuti mana-mana drama,ttbe zyra rasa teruja pulak nak layan drama nie..
maklumlah cuti sem nie je dapat tgk tv.
lepas nie dah kena balik bilik sewa,terpaksa lah tgk dekat Tonton je.

The story is about Homer Alcaraz (Dingdong Dantes), a young successful businessman who leads a monotonous life. On the other hand, Proserfina J. Valdez (Marian Rivera) is the complete opposite of Homer. She is a mysterious woman whom Homer surprisingly find in one morning sleeping next to him. Proserfina is beautiful, feisty, down-to-earth but mysterious. Her beauty and her unconventional, free-spirited character immediately attract Homer. Proserfina's presence changes the businessman's dull existence. Homer starts to fall in love with her and decides to develop a relationship with her but Prose disappears. Her disappearance is as mysterious as her appearance in Homer's bed. One day they cross paths, but she vanishes as quickly as she entered his life and then appear in his room. Homer has to look for her because not only he loves her but also to unravel her mystery, which she always tries to hide. She is a woman with full of intrigue who has involved in a syndicate gang root which Homer needs to uncover. Despite many danger, he decides to become a partner of the syndicate gang root to find her and help her out of the leader of that gang... . The two lovers have to face with many obstacles and dangers in their love adventure.

pape pon drama nie memang syok habis lah!!!
selamat menonton ye :D


  1. tak tengok.. tapi tau tentang kewujudan cerita ni.. hehehe ;)

  2. erm..mcm best jg crite ni..