Tuesday, 11 June 2013


ASSALAMUALAIKUM my dear readers^^

directioners mesti terlompat-lompat kegembiraan bila dapat tahu boy band tercinta dorang ni 
ada keluar kan perfume baru yang di beri nama "Our Moment"

Liam's been talking to the Daily Star about how hard him and the boys have worked to deliver a great product, saying: “We got really into it, we didn’t just want to put our names on it and promote One Direction’s smell without being involved.”
tak sabar nak nak cuba perfume one moment nie...
agak-agak perfume nie boleh challenge dengan perfume Someday dan Girlfriend by
 Justin Bieber tak?

by the way zyra suka jugak bau perfume Someday ..
lembut je bau dia...
sepadan lah dengan Justin Bieber yg muka ala-ala baby face tu kan,,

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Weeya Mahadzir said...

Perfume One Direction ? Oh my godd. Nak nak nak ! xD