Saturday, 6 April 2013


salam sabtu....
entry hari nie zyra nak cte pasal group ZE'A FIVE
zyra minat gle 2 lagu dorg nie...

mv THE DAY WE BROKE UP dah keluar!!
memang best la lagu nie...
MV dorg pon comel2 je...

actually zyra lagi tertarik lirik and melodi lagu nie...

Yeah~ We back again
We back with It ain’t over ZE:A!
The day we broke up
Oh no Oh I’m missing you
After you left, I couldn’t do anything
To me, that spot can only be filled by you
How are you? Is life treating you well?
I am getting over you a little, forgetting you little by little
* It’s okay if I do this, right? It’s okay if I forget you?
But why do I keep feeling like I shouldn’t?
But still, I want to try forgetting you, I want to try living without you
** The day we broke up, I cried a lot
Because my heart ached so much after we fought
Those words were all lies that I said because I was angry and mad
*** I can’t believe that we broke up
The fact that you left me doesn’t feel like reality
Come back to my side – I did that because I was angry and mad
On the day we broke up
I couldn’t fall asleep and I tossed and turned all day
After staying up for a long night, I opened my eyes to a gloomy morning
A world without you seems a bit different
If time passes, maybe I’ll be able to smile even if I see you
Why is it sadder that you are getting erased from my memory?
You’re okay without me, right? I will forget you now

walaupun lagu nie mengisahkan perpisahan,
tapi melodi lagu ni agak "ceria"
so yg mendengar pon tak la rasa sedih sgt kan?
jum layan MV lgu ni jp!

paling suka part nie....hehe!

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