Thursday, 21 March 2013


*sambil lambai2 tangan !!huhuhu
waaa mood tgh happy sgt2 niehh!!!!
kenapa yah???sbb dapat results SPM gempak ke??
ohhhh tidak sama sekali!!hehehehhe....
my age dah 19 tahun taw...dah setahun dah pon dapat tahu results SPM .
*congrats ye kat adik2 yg dpt excellent results utk SPM... :)

ok skrg nak sambung balik cte pasal mooh happy td..
zyra happy sgt2 sbb group tersayang zyra dah buat comeback !
group ape??
haruslahh group INFINITE!!!!!!!!!!!!*jerit sekuat hati biar satu dunia dgr..K TIPU!

balik je dari kolej rehat2 jap terus on lappy then terjah youtube!
sbb pe??nak tgk full mv infinite lahh kan ^^

ohh my cool rapper hoya!ur smile seriously sweet like candy!

also my cool rapper dongwoo!!!!always melting with ur voice!

ohhh L oppa....ur charming smile always make me crazy!

my sweetie sungyeol!!!!please cook for me too..jebal!!

lovely sungjong with kitten..ohhh sooooooo sweet!

leader sungkyu look so happy when falling in love^^

woohyun also look so happy^^

mesti ramai inspirit terlalu bahagia sgt hari nie kan?? too^^
ok jum layan full MV man in love by infinite !
enjoy ok....



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  2. wah,,kump korea yea. sis ni tak tahu sgt kump2 ni.dah tua agaknya..hahaha